From the Desk of HM

Headmaster, Jadavpur Vidyapith

Dear Members of the Jadavpur Vidyapith family, I extend to you all a very warm welcome to Jadavpur Vidyapith website. We also convey our special heartfelt thanks to the Ex-students of 1973 batch for the financial support of the initiative to open Jadavpur Vidyapith website.

We have tried our best to create an online resource that provides all relevant information about Jadavpur Vidyapith and we hope that as you peruse through the contents of this website, you will get a sense of the rich flavor of life at our school. We strongly believe that the website showcases the wealth of experiences we offer the children and gives them wider audience for their wonderful work. We hope that you enjoy your visit and return regularly to check out our latest news.

In Jadavpur Vidyapith, all aspects of our pedagogical processes are carefully designed to cultivate and stimulate the intellectual, social and personal skills of the most important stakeholders of this institution; the students, who are the torch – bearers of the hoary years of glorious tradition as well as the motto and immense contribution of our National leaders of the National Council of Education (Bengal). Our students both of Bengali medium & English medium sections learn the state board (WBBSE & WBCHSE) curriculum. As a Govt. sponsored H.S school Jadavpur Vidyapith has been running gloriously maintaining “No Profit, No Loss” system. So all financial surpluses are reinvested in the education of today’s and tomorrow’s students.

We are passionate about creating a ‘learning’ institution that is dynamic and constantly seeking excellence to meet the needs of the present as well as the future, while learning from the ethical and moral value systems of the Indian past. Jadavpur Vidyapith is committed to the complete development of a student; this includes academic knowledge, social & vocational skills, intellectual curiosity, physical endurance and a special emphasis on self-discovery. We all know that 21st Century skills refer to this skills that are required to enable & individual students to face the challenges of the 21st century world that is globally active , digitally transforming , collaboratively moving forward & creatively progressing, seeking competent human resources and quick in adopting changes. Wagner stressed rightly that present students need seventh survival skills to be prepared for 21st Century life, work & citizenship: Critical thinking & Problem solving, collaboration & leadership, agility & adaptability, initiative & entrepreneurialism effective oral & written communication, accessing & analyzing information and curiosity & imagination. We think that our website will help the family members of Jadavpur Vidyapith to fulfill our motto. Our teachers strive to teach not only academic programmes but also life skills needed for students’ self development with resourceful faculty.

We promote tolerance, mutual respect and international-mindedness. It is our commitment to mould children to be open to thinking globally and be prepared for life anywhere in the world. We believe that self-discipline is more sustainable than imposed discipline and hence there is no authoritarianism in our school. In our scheme of things we promote high standards of achievement and provide space for our students to flourish. We are sure that our collective efforts will enrich our website from all ends. As parents and teachers, it is our commitment to adopt ways and means to channelize the talents & energy of our students into creative community building.

With this noble sense of purpose may I request all the staff members, parents , members of the Managing Committee, Alumni and well wishers to join hands as we take Jadavpur Vidyapith to reach at the Zenith’s height . We look forward to hearing from you.

- Sri Partha Pratim Baidya