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Isha RoyLatest

Class X || Year 2020 || 12th in West Bengal

 I, Isha Roy, a student of Jadavpur Vidyapith, has secured 681 out of 700 in Madhyamik, 2020 ranked 12th in West Bengal and 1st in Kolkata. First, I want to express my gratitude to all of the teachers whose loving guidance always help me to acheive what I want. They do prepare our lessons with great care and regular assessments. Specially our respected Head Master Mr. Parimal Bhattacharyya has always inspired us. Whenever I felt any difficulty in my studies he always helped me, even he also suggested me how to study and get good marks in English writings. After the test the remaing three months before the boards some mock tests were arranged on every subjects from our school that helped me a lot clear all my doubts and prepare me in an effective. Extra Bengali, Physical science classes were also taken in these months which incresed my confidence. I am thankful to all my teachers for helping me out always.

Soham Das

Class X || Year 2019 || 9th in West Bengal


To all my respected teachers and my beloved brothers and sisters, I am Soham Das (H.S. Candidate of 2021), a student of Jadavpur Vidyapith for the last 14 years. For me Jadavpur Vidyapith is not only a school, but also is an emotion, not only for me, but for whoever came to this institution and eventually became an integral part of it. My school has given me ample amount of sweet memories throught my whole childhood and teenage, so I was glad to give my school a top 10 rank in return in the madhyamik examination of 2019. 2021, it is the last year for me in this school, as a student, but the emotional bond between two of us will remain unaffected forever and I will be glad to serve my school in any future opportunity.

A JVian from HEART

Soudeep Bhadra

Class X || Year 2017 || 17th in West Bengal

Class XII || Year 2019 || 16th in West Bengal

 I still remember the days I passed in Jadavpur Vidyapith (from 2011 to 2019). The days were eventful and full of enjoyment that inspired me in my study and gathering personality. I can feel in my mind the blue colour of the building, the wide ground, the smell of classroom.

And also I can't forget my class mates with whom I spent my happiest moments. The teachers who inspired me to gain a remarkable position in school are still in my soul.

I never forget our HM's speech at prayer time which I think, is the step to achieve the goal of life. We, the students, the teachers and non teaching staffs spent the days like a whole family.

Suchismita Karmakar

Class X || Year 2018 || 17th in West Bengal

 I'm Suchismita Karmakar, an ex student of Jadavpur Vidyapith, 2018 madhyamik and 2020 HS batch. I got 95.7% in madhyamik and became 1st in school and 17th in All West Bengal and 86% in HS.

I was in this school since my childhood days.

I am here to share how thankful I am to have teachers who have built me into the person I am now. I spent 14 years of my life in this school and it led me to many unforgettable memories.

I remembered those days when I participated in quizes, debates, model making competitions and others, those things without any support of my school was just impossible.

There were many remarkable achievements, I got with the help of my school. I was a straight A student through my high school days and this is because of the help of my respected teachers.

That was the time when we either build ourselves or break ourselves. Our respected Headmaster and other teacher staffs played a significant role in the character building of the students. They are like our second gurdians right after our parents. Now I came to know the real value of A school. Without any help of my school and teachers I'm nothing.

There have been times when life was difficult, and our teachers have taught us to fight in difficult times.

Currently I'm pursuing Basic scince Bs-Ms degree in Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science.

I'm very grateful to Jadavpur Vidyapith, my school, my emotion. Hoping J.V more prosperity and popularity.

Finally Thank you, my respected teachers, fellow friends, seniors and juniors for all the lessons you people have taught me.

Soumyajit Basak

Class X || Year 2017 || 9th in West Bengal

 I still feel the same when I crossed the blue gate, exactly as I felt in my early days at 11:05 am every weekdays. Vidyapith ignoring my every little mistakes becomes the strongest reason for whatever little I achieved till now. The smell of classrooms, boards, corridor, playgrounds inspire me to my destiny and the whole-hearted guidance of the teachers stimulates me how to fulfill the dreams which I can see consciously. Vidyapith being the deepest root system of life, shapes me to my better furure. The blue essence of Jadavpur Vidyapith will flow through my veins for an eternal time.